Access to quality education in informal settlements.

Quality is said to be a degree of excellence of something. Education is an important aspect in our daily life, the ability to have a firm grip and understanding in the complexity of relationships, politics and life is attributed to education, either formal or informal, early childhood development and curiosity arises from the need to always want to learn, relearn and unlearn, irrespective of the setting and the location of the child. it should not be a different case for the children coming up in informal settlements, education is education but quality education is important. in the streets of kibera, with the ever growing population, the balance is between life, livelihood and the need to acquire knowledge.

life defined by the vibrancy, diversity and the sense of community, livelihood the quest to constantly struggle to earn and make a living, with the limited space working spaces serve as churches on weekends and some as schools on weekdays. There are two types of schools, public or government owned and individual or private owned. This project seeks to look into the quality provided by both

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